Eileen Schmitz - Port Angeles, WA I first started listening to Lee Tyler Post after my husband Jace died and it was really complicated for me emotionally to see this strong, sensitive man wearing a black hat sing beautiful songs of love and life and passion; it just made me miss Jace so terribly. Yet, inside the music of Lee Tyler Post are journeys; not an imagined journey of love or loss or miles traveled. The music itself reaches into my soul with its depth and vibration, and the lyrics, which I am compelled to listen to repeatedly, those amazing lyrics help me sort out long forgotten or unresolved feelings - like what it was like to travel far away from home for the first time, what it was like to realize that real love had finally entered my life, and what it was like to lose a best friend. On stage Lee Tyler Post has tremendous depth and seems to understand the mind-heart connection. And then when he gets off the stage he's this upbeat fellow that is really uplifting and fun. Plus I think his wife is amazing in her steadfastness of love.”

— <b/>Eileen Schmitz - Port Angeles, WA</b>

The Maverick Every once in a while a singer-songwriter comes along who transcends categorization. With a song catalog that is an alchemical blending of Southern rock, blues guitar, folk, and new country, Lee Tyler Post is that kind of musician. Lee has a voice that plucks soul-strings inside the listener. His music is potent, tactile, soothing and alarming all at once and his lyrics are unapologetically honest. While singing about life's lost and life found emotions, Lee captures the attention of his listeners by reminding them of the important things in life, like aching beauty, kindness, and spirituality. On the surface his simple style--a man with a guitar (and maybe a harmonica or tambourine)--appears benign, and inviting, and it is. But peel the shrink wrap from one of his albums and give it a listen; you will discover that there is a deeper undercurrent, like a heartbeat, to his music that informs the listener that this man is not ashamed to admit that has seen a lot of joy and sorrow in this life. His music is clear, honest, and unabashedly human. Lee Tyler Post is a maverick--a changeling--a magician. Check him out! Update: Lee has completed his East Coast tour and is playing venues along the West Coast. Check his calendar for a venue near you! He is AMAZING live.”

— <b/>Melanie in Charlotte, NC</b>

In The Presence of Greatness: Last night I was in the presence of an angel, and it just brings my heart overwhelming emotion even as I write this, and tap back into the memory that is still lingering in my mind. The musician's name....Lee Tyler Post. Feeling stagnant in my own creativity, well, I am once again inspired on more levels than I care to bore you with right now. But, let's just say there is a box of Kleenex to the left of my mouse... The sound, the color, the soul, the pictures, the depth that this guy delivers with each note, strum, lyric...is truly beyond belief. Being entertained by a full-time, touring musician is such a blessing. It's not an easy life, but it is a gifted one. And I feel that much better to have been witness to it.”

<b/>Janna Audey from Alexandria, VA</b>

I believe in magic! The magic that starts when an ordinary moment turns into and extraordinary experience. That's what happened this past Saturday night at Bistro 150 in Oak Ridge when I stepped on stage with Lee Tyler Post to sing a backup vocal or two. What started with some simple harmonies culminated in a powerful finale, "Freedom, I'm leaving it all up to you..." (You should go to www.myspace.com/leetylerpost and listen to Thunderclap!) I haven't experienced anything that powerful in a long, long time - it left me truly sorry the evening was over. I love performing, and I've been doing it solo for over 10 years, but there's nothing that compares to the energy created when two or more people find that groove. Symbiosis!! I'd say, "heavy, man!" but I've been flying high ever since. So, image my delight when Lee asked me to back him up whenever he's in this part of the world. How cool is that!? If you're reading this and live within driving distance of Greensboro/Winston-Salem (or you just need to take a roadtrip to catch a worthwile performance), consider coming out to Bistro 150 to catch one of Lee's performances. He's one of the most amazing songwriter/performers you'll ever have the opportunity to see and hear. You will not leave unmoved. The next two shows with Lee Tyler Post will be May 10th and June 7th. Bistro 150 is located at the intersection of Hwy 150 and Hwy 68 just North of Kernersville (midway between Greesnboro and Winston-Salem, NC).”

— <b/>Andrea Reese - Singer/Songwriter - Winston Salem, NC</b>

Tim in Washington I am listening to LTP...have been since yesterday... what a find. The greatest collection of really outstanding accoustic songs I have ever encountered. Really ,I would not say that if were not true. I am amazed that much of the main stream world dosn't know. Thank you again..I am truely amazed!”

— <b/>Tim in Washington</b>

Donnie Young of band "Muddbone" in Muscle Shoals Alabama Lee is one of the best song writers I have ever heard, I rank his heart felt and moving songs at the top with "heart of Gold","Needle and the Damage done" Amazing talent..rare in this day and age of cookie cutter music.”

— <b/>Donnie Young of band "Muddbone" in Muscle Shoals Alabama</b>

Go and see this guy! Awesome performance tonight at Dungeness Wine and Cheese in Sequim, where he is now playing regularly. He's been at JuandeFuca Festival (seen him twice there, bought 2 cds). Amazing voice and guitar. Songs from the heart for the soul.”

— <b/>Lila - Port Angeles, WA</b>

I saw IAC artist Lee Tyler Post perform on WED In Greenwich Village! Wow!! I always loved this mans voice and his songwriting. He seriously "brings it on" in his live performance. A true professional he is, and contributes something special to the art of music. If anyone has a chance to catch one of his shows while he's on tour this fall, you should not miss the chance!”

— <b/>Laurie in New York</b>

Come hear this incredibly soulful singer with a phenomenal voice! As one person said..."I think that's the best voice I've ever heard.”

— <b/>Muddy Creek Cafe - Winston Salem, NC</b>

Ben in Port Angeles, WA Lee Tyler Post is like Asprin for your soul. When you just need a song to quiet your crazy day.....Lee has the song and the soul to do it. And so much more than that...”

— <b/>Ben in Port Angeles, WA</b>

Stephen W. Roberts (Writer) Baltimore Maryland Possibly one of the most underrated and important artists of our time.”

— <b/>Stephen W. Roberts (Writer) Baltimore Maryland</b>